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Application Process

Lottery Applications

Lottery Applications open on January 1st of the approaching school year. Families interested in enrolling their children into a GTA School can submit their applications. To participate in the lottery for any seats that are available, an application must be submitted before the deadline date (TBA). 

Call For Inquiry

(707) 552-6482

EMail For Inquiry


Wait for the Lottery Application Link date to apply.


 The lottery date will be announced and will take place at the given day and time. Information to view the lottery will also be given.


Your child(ren)’s status in the lottery results will be sent via email. If there are any issues with the application process you will be contacted. 

* Lottery Guidelines

Should the number of student applications, submitted by the stated deadline, exceed the number of spaces available in any given grade, a random public lottery will be held to determine admission, per the requirements of Ed Code 47605(d)(2)(B). 

  • By law, all GTA School applicants are accepted by a public random drawing.

  • The lottery drawing will be announced and held on the announced date

  • Applicants not drawn for enrollment in the lottery will be given an order number for the “wait list.”

  • All families will be notified by email of their status in the lottery drawing.

  • It is the responsibility of the guardian/parent to notify GTA of preferences that apply to the applicant, and to provide verification of that preference.

  • Should your child not be accepted and would like to reapply for the following school year, you will need to submit another application form during enrollment the following year.

Admission Preferences and Procedures

1. Parents will rank on their application their preference for either MIT or Griffin Academy. Rank in order, with “1 being highest, your choice of schools.
If you are interested in only one school, number only one box.
MIT Academy or Griffin Academy

2. During the lottery, all students will be entered into a general pool of candidates. There will be ONE lottery, with the selection of students to proceed with priority for the preferences listed below.  These preferences are authorized in accordance with applicable law. If the Charter School receives a number of applications that exceed the number of available seats at any given grade level, a random public lottery will be hosted and preference for the available spaces and will be given to students consistent with Education Code section 47605(d)(2)(B) in this order:

Special Cases

a.  Children of staff members will be admitted first to the school of their choice.

b. Children with siblings at MIT Academy will be admitted to MIT Academy IF that is their first Choice.

c. Children that currently attend Widenmann or Loma Vista schools will receive their first choice, or if that choice is no longer available, their second choice (up to 50 students each at MIT and GA).

General Lottery

d. Children that currently reside in Vallejo.

e. All Other Children.

f. Students will be assigned accordingly to criteria (a) – (c) above. If after those assignments there are more remaining applicants than openings, names from (d) will be randomly electronically assigned one at a time and students will be assigned to the school of their first choice until that school is full. If that school is full, they will be placed on the waiting list for that school. If they have indicated a second choice, they will be placed at that school (without losing their place on the first schools waiting list). If both schools are full, they will be placed on BOTH waiting lists.

g. Sibling rule: If a student is drawn to attend MIT Academy, and has a sibling who is also applying to MIT Academy, that sibling will automatically be eligible to attend MIT Academy. If a student is drawn to attend Griffin Academy, and has a sibling who is also applying to Griffin Academy, that sibling will be automatically eligible to attend Griffin Academy (grade level permitting). NOTE: A student who is drawn to attend Griffin Academy cannot place a sibling at MIT Academy, and vice-versa.

Ongoing Enrollments

Any applications recieved after the lottery will be processed, numbered in the order received, and added to the waitlist. Seats available will be given on a first-come first-served basis.