Staff Directory


Title Name
Superintendent Nick Driver
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and the Board Kat Andrews
Chief Accountability Officer  Brent Zionic
Chief Academic Officer Alex Insaurralde
Assistant Director of Instruction
Robert Richardson
Director of Fiscal Services Mark Driver
Director of MIT Academy High School Kelly Briggs
Director of Griffin Academy High School & Middle School Shannon Harris
Assistant Director of Intervention & Support Princess Tucker
Director of Mare Island Tech Academy Middle School Lai Saeteurn
Assistant Director, Griffin Academy Middle School & Griffin Academy High School Vacant
Assistant Director of MIT Academy High School Shannon McClure
Before School & After School Program Dae’Jah Foster
Plant Manager/Custodial & Maintenance Dave Vogele
Food Services Coordinator Maribel Barbers
Human Resources Coordinator Diane Rogers
Main Office Supervisor Miriam Ascencio
Technology Coordinator Macnoel Alvarez
Academic Advisor Ana Rizo
Account Specialist Claudia Basil
Account Specialist Sarah Hernandez
Assistant Plant Manager Paul Whitney
Athletic Director Chris Owens
Custodian Richard Jeffries
Custodian Roel Loma
Custodian Vacant
Maintenance and Grounds Michael Aragon
Office Support Generalist Abraham Zepeda-Velasquez
Para Educator Deborah Cooper-Kelly
Registrar Martina Munoz
Student Services Coordinator Pelora Atkins
Technology Specialist Cesar Villalobos
Work-Based Learning and Parent Volunteer & Student Community Services Coordinator Brandon Carrera