July 14, 2021

Dear Griffin Technology Academies Students, Families, and Staff,

Greetings everyone, I’m Dr. Robert Martinez, your new Superintendent.

I am extremely excited to be joining you as part of the Griffin Technology Academies

Education Community. The Mare Island Technology Academy Middle and High School, and Griffin Academy Middle and High School, have tremendous opportunities to make a dramatic difference in the lives of our students, and I am eager to join you in this important and meaningful work.

As we plan for a return to campus in August 2021, we are working hard to ensure that our organizational foundation is strong, that we have leaders, educators and support services in place for our students, and that we are taking all appropriate safety precautions to ensure that we are following the most recent California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and California Department of Education (CDE) guidelines.

We fully anticipate being able to open our schools to full in-person instruction and hope

that each student who is able to return to campus will do so to receive the full complement of services that we offer. I believe that our instruction and support programs are unparalleled in Solano County.

In response to a commitment that was made to our students and families we are needing information from you regarding the potential structure for an Independent Study program in the fall.

California has just recently approved modified legislation that provides guidance for Independent Study programs for the 2021-2022 school year and we ask that you respond to the survey as a way to assist us in planning a program that will meet some of our families’ needs and stay in alignment with the state law.


Click Here to fill out a simple survey regarding independent Study


We thank you in advance for your response as it will assist us in addressing the needs of our school community as we all continue through the pandemic together. We ask that you please provide your response to this survey by Tuesday, July 20, 2021.


Robert A. Martinez, Ed.D.

Superintendent, Griffin Technology Academies